Owen Smith CTV on The Supreme Court of Canada Marijuana Ruling


CTV News Channel: ‘A fight against families’

Plantiff Owen Smith discusses the ruling and says that the SCOC ruling will benefit those who are not responding to conventional medication. The case began in 2009, with the arrest of Owen Smith, the former head baker for the Cannabis Buyers Club of Canada. He was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and possession for the purpose of trafficking, after police found large amounts of cannabis-infused olive oil and cookies in his apartment.

Smith challenged those laws, arguing that medical marijuana users should have the right to consume marijuana in other ways than smoking. The court agreed and Smith was acquitted at trial. Last summer, the B.C. Appeal Court upheld that decision, and gave the federal government a year to change the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations to remove the word “dried” from its definition of marijuana.

The federal government, which does not endorse the use of marijuana, decided to challenge the decision in Canada’s top court, where it contended there was not enough scientific evidence on the efficacy of “derivative cannabis products” such as baked goods, and argued that the Charter does not give medical marijuana users the right to obtain or produce drugs based on their subjective beliefs. The Supreme Court disagreed. http://www.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=633688


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